QUIZ: 5 Questions to Tell if it’s Time for Digital Intervention

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Humans are creatures of comfort, sometimes to our own demise ⁠— and when we fall into habits and patterns, even if they’re not benefitting us, it’s hard to make a significant change.

We’ve all been there at some time or another: you see technology getting more efficient, and you assume making the switch is unnecessary… but as you take note of it with a stubborn side-eye, you start to realize it might make your life much easier. Deep down, you know it’s time for a change, but you continue using self-destructive work methods anyway, waiting for a wake-up call.

When is it time to say “enough is enough” and finally take the first steps towards digital transformation?

The five questions below will give you a guide to knowing when it’s time ⁠— and, maybe, that sign you’re looking for.

The 5 Question Quiz

(Answer: Yes or No)


  1. Do you often spend time looking for a specific piece of paper?
  2. Do you have trouble sorting through your pictures to find the right one?
  3. Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep your work organized?
  4. Do you manually record data, either in a spreadsheet or on paper?
  5. Are you overwhelmed by seemingly small tasks on a day-to-day basis?



Now, it’s time to count how many times you answered “Yes” to the above questions. Add up your “Yes”s and check your score below:

0-1: Okay, let’s be real here ⁠— there’s never a wrong time for a digital transformation. You may be more digitally inclined than most, but there are probably still some processes you’re overlooking where technology can be implemented to make your life easier. Admitting this is the first step.

2-3: You might not think you need to digitize, but it’s time. Don’t delay strategic initiatives out of fear ⁠— taking the leap into digital transformation improves overall efficiency and accuracy, making the results of your work better for everyone involved.

4-5: Please, for the sake of everyone in your life, digitize! The time to implement smart technology into your everyday workflow is yesterday. What are you waiting for?



If you related even slightly to any of these questions, it’s probably time for a digital intervention. With intelligent system management software, you can conquer your paper demons and handle every element of a system project in one place.

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