School Security System Concerns Ramp Up as Summer Winds Down

School security system planning and school safety are a hot button issues, considering the fine balance between safety and privacy. And whether it is at the K-12 or the college level, protecting children and students is the first priority. We are not fear mongers, but rather a business that includes parents with children, and family is important to us, therefore protecting the safety of students is a top priority for us at System Surveyor. While we can’t always be there to shield students from danger, there is a certain peace of mind for parents knowing that when we do let them out of our sight, that they will be in locations that are as safe as they can be. As the summer winds down and another school year is upon us, school security systems are at the top of our minds.

There are multiple ways of ensuring school safety.  Here are the best practices based on experience implementing an effective electronic school security system.

Fire and Life Safety – This is the bare essential in terms of fire and carbon monoxide detection. While states are responsible for setting their own legislation in regard to specifics on fire safety, it wasn’t until recently that carbon monoxide legislation was changed, and in many states it is not required in schools. In addition to fire safety, life safety also includes having panic systems in place in the event of an emergency situation on campus where the facility needs to go into lockdown mode. Fire and life safety systems require the installation of detectors, warning systems, and sprinklers in the case of an emergency.

Point of Access Control Systems – This type of security system involves the use of card and/or electronic lock access to prevent the movement of individuals through points of ingress and egress in areas where they shouldn’t be. This could be student and faculty entry cards, or it can be used in areas where restricted access is important (eg. in locations where cleaning solvents are used, chemistry labs, rooms with expensive equipment, such as computers or AV equipment used for presentations).

Intrusion Protection – Intrusion protection is an external security system feature that prevents unwanted access onto school campuses in the form of alarms or exterior doorways and fences that deter unwanted individuals from trespassing onto school property. Intrusion protection is particularly important after hours when some faculty and staff are no longer on campus.

Video Surveillance Systems – Video surveillance can be controversial, but are increasingly being used to increase security.  Having CCTV that allows administrators to monitor who is entering and exiting buildings is important, as well as seeing who is roaming halls in between classrooms can be vital to protecting students’ safety.

All of these security measures require thoughtful planning and efficient and cost-effective solutions. Check a new video about System Surveyor to learn about iPad-based app and tools that helps facilities managers and IT managers can use to get the district or university ready for back to school and in a position to better administer the security system throughout the year.

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