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That’s a Wrap! 2016 Security Industry Trends

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Security Industry TrendsA look back on the highlights of 2016

As the year draws to a close, many people like to reminisce on the good times they had, and the moments they have learned from. New Year’s brings a time for reflection and resolution, both for individuals and businesses. So, won’t you join me for a moment to look back on some of the trends the Security Industry saw in the last year?                                            

Here is a list of five major trends the industry saw in the 2016 year: 

1.    Video Surveillance Growth: At the end of 2015, IHS Technology predicted a 7% growth in the world market for video surveillance equipment, and their predictions were nearly dead on. With advancements in surveillance technology and installation, coupled with a greater need for cameras to ensure safety across the board, the network video surveillance market grew by an astonishing 19% worldwide.

2.    Mobility: Across the board, this past year saw a strong customer demand for one mobile user-friendly interface, apps. Apps are now redefining customer’s demands and altering their business decisions to support companies that will supply their demand for a mobile interface. For example, Tyco, as an integrator, has been seeking out new mobile apps in order to supply the needs and desires of their customers for mobility.

3.    Connectivity: With the enhancements of IP and cloud based networking services, hundreds of companies and individuals have switched over to the cloud. Not only does it cut down on networking costs, but it also supports mobility and collaboration, two major customer demands across the board in the last year.

4.    The Cloud: Building off of the last trend, the cloud was possibly one of the largest trends with the most significant growth rate in the last year. Private cloud adoption grew from 63% to 77%, driving hybrid cloud usage from 58% to 71% over the year.

5.    Access Control: This past year, the industry saw a switch over to more open access control and electronic security systems. This development allowed for an ease of integration and an influx of IT people across the board.

 So, 2017, what will you bring in terms of trends, challenges, and opportunities? Check back next week to read about our 2017 New Year’s Resolutions for the Security Industry. Happy New Year!

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