Software Solutions for Engineers and Estimators

Consistent Surveys. Effective Communication. Accurate Estimates for the Entire Team.

Designs are Difficult Without the Details

How do you provide an accurate cost estimate for the physical security system design without the right information?
Consistent site surveys with  system design software that increases efficiency and accuracy.

Engineering Project Management

Garbage in, garbage out.

The wrong information or inability to see exactly what the customer needs leads to an inaccurate, untimely design and delayed cost estimates for their physical security system. Having the right site survey software tools can combat these risks with better resource allocation and project planning. You’ll start off on the right foot with an accurate site survey from which you and all your stakeholders can visually collaborate on a physical security system design. 

Access all of the security components and accessories from your favorite manufacturers, drag and drop them in the security system design and with the click of a button, generate a detailed bill of materials and cost estimate. You’ll be able to present the entire as-built design to the customer for approval at the end of the site walk.

Going to every site walk isn’t scalable.

As a project manager, it’s hard to leverage the best engineering resources against multiple, complex security system projects. It can be especially hard to manage a team while having to be out in the field performing site surveys

A digital design tool that allows visual collaboration by remote access is the key to optimizing resource management and strategic initiatives within current and potential physical security system projects. You’ll be able to manage multiple security system projects simultaneously while keeping every stakeholder in the loop with each project.

Be There Virtually for Every Site Walk

Leverage the best engineering talent across more sales opportunities.

Get the full picture of customer needs
Whether you're working with the physical security of small businesses or large organizations, your workload will benefit from a collaboration tool that provides high-level site surveys, photos, and requirements, all in one place. No need to be on-site and leave no stone unturned.
Enjoy consistent site surveys from sales
Accurate site surveys no matter the experience level of a team member. An effective site survey design tool will provide detailed information that will drive the right system design, the first time.
Estimate accurately for better margins
Design and build the bill of materials and a digital as-built in real-time. Cloning you and your team and saving hours without all the email.
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Upgrading Customer Experience with Digital System Design Tool

Continuity in Cross-Functional Teams

Learn how Tech Electronics enhanced their services via an integrated, companywide sales, design, installation, and maintenance process.

“[Before System Surveyor] We had to hope we labeled the photos correctly or remember later where each device was supposed to go after a day of customer visits. Cobbling everything together like this was inefficient and made it difficult to gather all the information we needed.”
Bienson Jones
Bienson Jones
Tech Electronics
“Before System Surveyor, we would have a rushed site walk and would get back to the office with paper notes and pictures and realize that we had forgotten a lot of information. Now we can send a salesperson into the field to capture everything we need the first time and send it back to the engineer right from the field so they can start working on it. It cuts down on 50% of the workload on the backside and improves it 30-40% while you're in the field”
Cleve Cary
Senior Director Physical Security

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