Capture a Floor Plan or Digital Map

Ditch Your Paper Floor Plans

Import a floor plan to our system design software, take a picture of a fire escape plan, or use our integrated Google Maps feature. Start designing in minutes to seconds

In this tutorial, learn how to import a paper floor plan into your digital site survey so you can begin the physical security system design process immediately. We’ll walk you through two ways to import a floor plan: 1) using a PDF, JPG or PNG file, 2) using a satellite image from Google Maps for outdoor locations. Crop the floor plan and set the scale with the touch of a button on your tablet or mobile phone and you’re ready to begin the site survey, capturing all the security requirements and designing the physical security system in real time. If a floor plan file isn’t available to import, no problem. Just snap a photo of a paper floor plan or fire escape plan with the system design software. No more unwieldy paper floor plans or illegible notes scribbled on legal pads! Go from the site survey to an accurate, decision-ready security system design with an accurate bill of materials in just a fraction of the time. Try a free demo today!

No more paper floor plans to design modern technology systems.

Import or capture floor plans in minutes

Set up a site and import floor plans in no time. Import PDF, JPG or PNG or capture a picture and hit the ground running.

System Surveyor gives you options to import  floor plans, to start with a blank canvas or capture a picture of a fire escape plan.  Get started designing in minutes, then drag-and-drop device icons to capture requirements quickly and easily to start the security system design.  Add pictures from the site in real-time, confirm the details with your client, and utilize cloud synchronization to  share with your team before you even make it back to the office.

Set the scale and be ready to design

Easily set the scale for your survey to help you design accurate systems. Enabling intelligent area of coverage calculations will allow for device recommendations, so you can choose the right camera, wireless access point, projector or sensor.

Setting the scale is an important step in designing your survey and ensures that all future measurements in your site survey are accurate. System Surveyor will prompt you to set the scale right after uploading a floor plan or use our Google Map integration which will set the scale automatically. 

No floor plan? Take a picture and get started

A site survey starts with a floor plan, but you can use System Surveyor even if you don’t have a customer’s floor plan.  When a floor plan isn’t available, take a picture of a fire escape plan or use the integrated Google Map feature that uses location-based services or simply enter an address to get the satellite image with automated scaling. There is no need to convert and import, you can do it directly from System Surveyor’s floor plan software and start designing in 20 seconds. 

Read our blog post for some more tips on how to get a floor plan or use our Quick Start option to design on a blank canvas. 

Start with our free version and experience our user-friendly interface.

“I haven’t picked up a notepad to do site walks in over a year.”
Gary Hoffner
PSLA Security

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