Streamline the Bill of Materials

Imagine Creating a BOM in One Step

Drag-and-drop devices on the floor plan, associate accessories, and automatically generate a bill of materials.

After designing your survey during the site walk, easily generate a complete and accurate Bill of Materials. Choose the system types and the associated element profiles and accessories to be included in your BOM. Run the report as a PDF or export into an XLS to share with customers, team members and stakeholders. Save time, effort and streamline the entire design process.

Accurate proposals in a fraction of the time.

Drag-and-drop to build an accurate, streamlined bill of materials

Start building the BOM during the site walk digitally by capturing data in real-time and identifying physical security vulnerabilities. System Surveyor’s Element Profiles include all the data you need to build a complete and accurate BOM. Device cost, accessories needed, installation time and more are included in our Element Profiles. Gather all the details and produce a BOM in one simple step – while still in the field. Reduce time back at the office.

drag and drop to create a bill of materials
export bill of materials
A one-click exportable or reportable: devices & accessories

Go from system design to immediate totals by element in one-click. You can even include associated accessories with devices – think mounts, brackets and lenses for cameras, for example. No more guessing which accessory goes with which device. Automate more of the process.

After your site walk, run a PDF report or export into XLS for proposals or integration with other systems. Streamline the entire process from design to installing the final product.

Better information, better workflows

You know the old saying – garbage in, garbage out? Not with System Surveyor. All the details needed for a comprehensive Bill of Materials are included so you can procure and implement quickly and accurately. With today’s supply chain challenges, every opportunity to streamline inventory management helps you serve customers and stakeholders faster and more accurately.

Save time, money and effort from start to finish. Real-time design and collaboration during the site walk, then immediately provide a complete, procurement-ready Bill of Materials to know exactly what’s needed for install and materials management.

get all the details with a bill of materials
“First product that I’ve been excited for in 10 years to use on the job! Previously I was worried about not getting my proposals done on time, now it’s taking me 1/4 of the time.”
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System Integrator

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