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Manage Multi-Site Locations. Asset Planning. Efficient Site Surveys.

Managing Far-Flung Sites is Demanding

How to conduct site surveys and life-cycle management efficiently?
Be there virtually and engage with stakeholders like never before

Expensive and inefficient to run site surveys.

The average physical technology manager at a Fortune 2000 company or an organization with dozens or hundreds of locations truly has their hands full. They have to rely on PDFs, basic drawings, emails and spreadsheets to manage the life-cycle of their security and technology assets. With thousands of devices spread over wide geographies, there is a need for a better way. A way to get their “eyes” on those sites, even virtually, along with the documentation to manage all of the dynamic changes that occur daily.

What’s in place, and what’s needed.

From risk mitigation for security to advanced audio-visual projects, the technology director needs a clear map of what’s in place and a plan for budgeting and life-cycle management.

Managing All of the Devices, not just Video Surveillance

The typical Global Physical Security Director has to work across a variety of technologies to provide solutions to their customers or internal stakeholders. That would include Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Video Surveillance or CCTV, Building and Facilities Management, Wireless Access Points and much more both internally and externally to buildings. They need to understand needs for cabling runs and supporting technologies. They need a collaboration platform to design and manage the whole system.

Looking Professional with Stakeholders & Collaborating with Partners

One of the major reasons that Technology Managers like System Surveyor is the ability to visually share a digital floor plan including budgeting options with decision makers and operations leaders. This empowers them to confirm plans and then collaborate with System Integrators, Solutions Providers, Subcontractors and Manufacturers. Everyone who can provide benefits and value to the projects.

One Digital Map, Every Location

Efficient site surveys and an updated As-Built

Virtual site surveys when you can’t get there
Ask the team to walk a site like you’re in the room — photos, device placement, details in one place.
Securely accessible by the team
For design or on-going life-cycle maintenance, securely access design or digital as-built from the cloud.
Visualize solutions with stakeholders
Impress management and facilities with organized, visual digital plans and budget interactively.
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Using System Surveyor Worldwide for Corporate Security

Retrofits to New Locations

Find out how corporate teams can manage whole system inventory and maintenance remotely. Read case studies from the end user point of view.

“Our corporate security team uses System Surveyor for whole system inventory and maintenance. Via the platform, the team can get an inventory of all security devices and equipment including model numbers and other data. They can keep track of when to do maintenance on which cameras.”
Terry Harless​
Terry Harless
Burns & McDonnell
“System Surveyor allows me to show customers exactly what they will get with our surveillance solution. Customers love the fact that they know exactly what they’re paying for helping us close business faster. System Surveyor is helping us raise the bar!”
Will Kinghorn III
Mathias Lock & Key

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