Budget Estimator

Trusted Advisors Help their Clients Make the Best
Decisions on a Budget

Create a real-time budgetary estimate for a project during the site survey process. Use your own cost and labor data.

See a total proposed budget based on proposed devices and elements.  The Budget Estimator uses your own cost and labor data, with the ability to pull in manufacturer MSRP costs.  Easily and visually review  an estimated budget range to help make trade-offs and get buy-in from stakeholders, streamlining the sales, confirmation and procurement process.

Set a budget range and consult with stakeholders - making you a trusted advisor.

Automate budget estimates for better planning

Build a budget estimate as you design the building systems and make smart tradeoffs.

The Budget Estimator will include the device price, labor hours and quantity for each item that is proposed in your system design.  Click into the element attributes to see individual device and labor installation pricing.  Or, view the total proposed budget at-a-glance by simply clicking the dollar sign on the main screen of the survey. Set a high and low end threshold and be the ultimate consultant to your stakeholder or client by helping them make the right, budget-friendly choices. Time and again, customers have told their partners that this software solution helps them get to a confirmed system design with decision-makers faster than other estimating processes.

Set device prices and labor costs

Customize costs and share with the team so budget estimates are consistent.

The Team administrator sets the labor rate, then users input installation hours for each device.  The Budget Estimator calculates the total budget using these inputs, plus the manufacturer’s price for each element. The result is a comprehensive estimated budget that stakeholders can confirm, review and approve. 

Create a budget estimate report with proposed system design

Streamline procurement and sales by providing an accurate estimate early at the first point in the process.

Stakeholders can easily see the total proposed budget or can view budget estimates for each device.  Either way, reviewing and approving the budget at an early stage in the process ensures that all parties are on the same page about project estimates.  

If the budget needs to be adjusted, viewing the proposed devices is one click away.  Adjust the quantity or element to adjust the budget.  No more surprises.  Project management, sales, procurement, installation and operations teams are all in sync.  If proposals are surprising your customers, this estimating tool is a great way to assure that you have a proposal that is a winner every time with amazing buy-in and early qualification and decision-making.

“System Surveyor allows me to show customers exactly what the will get with our surveillance solution. Customers love the fact that they know exactly what they’re paying for helping us close the business faster. System Surveyor is helping us raise the bar.”
Will Kinghorn, III
Matthias Lock & Key, Security Integrator

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