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10 Nagging Problems System Integrators Encounter Each Day

How Mobile Design Tools are Making Measurable Improvementssystem integrators

What if you could solve the everyday problems that you run into as security system integrators? Could you increase efficiency and see direct benefits in terms of better margins and more satisfied customers? First, let’s see if you run into these Top 10 problems in the first place:

  1. Sales employees don’t always gather enough or the right information on a new project.
  2. Assembling field notes from a customer visit takes too long.
  3. Information is missed on an initial site visit requiring a return visit to the customer site.
  4. Keeping track of spreadsheets and drawings is inefficient, insecure and affects quality of work.
  5. Limited collaboration with clients affects project quality.
  6. Project margins are unprotected due to limited ability to capture the best information upfront.
  7. Too much time and resources are being invested in CAD and drawings.
  8. Updating system records when a change is made is cumbersome and inefficient.
  9. Valuable client interaction is missed by spending time searching for client system information prior to a service call or maintenance visit.
  10. Client relationships are negatively impacted by not having the most up to date information readily available.

If you are encountering these issues, System Surveyor can help address all of them as we have helped others.


System Surveyor is a mobile system design and management tool that can:

  • Reduce system design time by 50% enabling non-technical team members to capture detailed system requirements.
  • Efficiently collect client information on the first field visit.
  • Enable collaboration with clients and reduce the number of revisions due to better upfront documentation.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for CAD resources and expertise to produce professional quality drawings;  as-built in drawings become automatic.
  • Leverage technical and engineering resources more effectively and efficiently.
  • Instantly update system records from the field for every move, add, or change and have the information readily available when client issues arise thus affecting client relationships.

Watch our overview video to get the idea on how the System Surveyor tool could help solve these problems.


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