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5 System Management Problems That We Solve for Security Leaders

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How to attain more ownership over system records and collaborate with partners

Whether you’re a security leader at a bank, a college campus or a corporate environment with responsibility for physical security, a common problem is getting a handle on where all of your security assets are located.  It can be frustrating to juggle between different platforms and records, not to mention inefficient.

One of the system management challenges for Chief Security Officers (CSOs) or Security Directors is to work effectively with their system integrator while maintaining control, access and security over their own plans. There is also tremendous potential to work more closely and collaboratively with System Integrator partners for system design and ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, until now there has been a lack of tools to make this collaboration easy, friendly and secure.

The following are several ways that System Surveyor can solve these problems:

  1. Consolidates system information into a single platform.
  2. Reduces the learning curve of new security department staff.
  3. Reduces the dependence on System Integrators to maintain system records.
  4. Allows for instant photo capturing, sharing and documentation for system work.
  5. Enables easy and instant update of system records while eliminating the time and expense for CAD updates.

Rather than working off of paper floor plans and cell phone pictures which are distributed between your team and a system integrator, what if you had it all-in-one place?

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