Ways to Improve Your Company’s Profit Margin with a Security System Design Platform

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If you are still using paper floor plans and structural blueprints to design, manage and implement the various elements of a physical security system (cameras, key card access, and so on), you have likely heard that there are many benefits of going digital. An example is the use of an online security design platform that makes work easier, System Surveyor makes countless facility and building security issues far more manageable for everyone involved.

The Benefits of Digital Security System Design

You don’t have to have an engineering degree to understand how to use the System Surveyor platform. Built for accessibility and convenience, its highly intuitive software takes the hassle out of even the most complex security system issues.

Take client consultation for example. By eliminating the need for paper floor plans, security system designers can visually engage with customers to produce and deliver decision-ready designs in real time.

In fact, thanks to its incredibly user friendly, drag-and-drop functionality, System Surveyor allows clients to essentially co-design alongside security professionals. Working together, they can create highly polished designs that are always ready for review and extremely easy to edit.

Of course, this is virtually impossible with traditional paper floor plan designs. By contrast, the convenience and interactivity of a digital collaboration tool and platform like System Surveyor have implications that go far beyond design functionally.

How Digital Security System Design Increases Sales Win Rates

It is difficult to deny the power of the interactive design process that a tool like System Surveyor offers. By streamlining the design, it simultaneously simplifies the sales process.

Potential clients are far more likely to sign that final security system contract when they are guided by a provider who uses System Surveyor to share plans and compelling visualizations. The “wow” factor of these professional designs, which can often come together in a matter of minutes, is often the final touch that precipitates a final purchase decision.

System integrators and solutions providers have a proven track record of boosting their sales and overall profit margins by doing better needs analysis, requirements gathering and estimations at the first point in the customer journey.

The long delays that go hand in hand with traditional paper design are dearly costing any security system professional who fails to modernize. Research has shown that security companies will lose two out of every three proposals for designs that take 20 hours or more to develop. An opportunity cost that is hard to recover.

By contrast, security companies that make the design process faster and more effective with the System Surveyor digital platform can increase their sales close win rate by an average 20 percent. These figures come from a recent study conducted by the independent research firm Fidelio Works, which points to increased sales conversion rates as just one way that System Surveyor provides exceptional return on investment (ROI).

Save Money Through Greater Efficiency

The Fidelio Works study goes beyond the sales stage to chart ROI potential at every stage of building security system planning, installation, and operation. Overall, the study shows that a System Surveyor platform yields a 35-percent increase in efficiency for the average company.

This increased efficiency translates to an influx in monetary funds that far exceeds the cost of the System Surveyor platform to provide exceptional ROI. In fact, Fidelio Works calculates the gross profit margin growth of System Surveyor security providers at 10 percent.

To illustrate just how the platform leads to greater efficiency for a security system provider, it may be helpful to focus on just one phase of the physical security process: integration.

System Surveyor allows the integrator to show up at the project site, tablet in hand and ready to handle anything. He or she snaps photos of the building and its facilities, takes digital notes, enters data, and lays out a tidy digital floor plan in real-time. Offering full transparency to clients, the provider can not only provide detailed information and generate instant reports but allow clients to see the final security systems for their building.  In short, the sales person builds confidence with the customer by clearly sharing the game plan on a digital map in a fraction of the time to do it all manually.

While the tool is a game changer for the System Integrator, there is a breakthrough as well for the corporate or campus physical security building management leader who is responsible for tens, hundreds and thousands of locations and devices. A smart Integrator who services these entities now invites their customers, or vice versa to collaborate on the System Surveyor platform securely through the cloud for better building and campus management. Make no mistake, if you’re not engaging customers in this new digital model – it could pass you by.

What Kind of ROI Can You Expect from System Surveyor?

From initial design visualization and field service software to access control and security systems integration, System Surveyor can aid in the design, implementation and management of any number of physical security systems and IoT for buildings and facilities.

Want to determine just how much you stand to gain from using a modern system design platform such as System Surveyor? The company has developed a ROI Calculator that is available free of charge through its official website

Using customer insights and industry benchmarks, System Surveyor can show you the approximate ROI you can expect from its solution. Simply enter the number of proposals your team generates each month, the average dollar value of those proposals, and the percentage of those proposals that your team wins.

No matter how big or small your business, the gains displayed by the System Surveyor ROI Calculator will likely surprise you. So if you are one of the 82 percent of building security professionals who are still using pencil and paper to get the job done, you owe it to yourself to see just how much you can benefit from a quality digital platform such as System Surveyor.

When you stop to consider its ability to improve efficiency, facilitate intelligent design, boost sales win rates, and optimize collaborative communication among team members and clients, the advantages offered by System Surveyor are hard to deny. And the average 45x ROI rate enjoyed by System Surveyor users is easy to understand.

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