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Faster Security Systems Design. Easier Asset Management. Better Security.

All in one mobile and cloud-based tool

Import floor plans; drag and drop system elements; and capture functional requirements, photos and notes for each element.  Conveniently organize all of this important information in one place making reference and updates easy, convenient, and secure.

Intuitive interface and navigation

Easy to use to quickly and accurately capture information. Drag and drop pre-defined system components onto floor plans and use pre-configured templates to avoid overlooking information.

Securely collaborate from field to office

System Surveyor includes a Mobile app for use in the field and a security Cloud Workspace for access back at the office. Collaborate with project managers, designers, technicians and more.  Get everyone on the same page – literally.

Floor plans with devices, photos and notes – all in one place.

Leverage the ease of use and power of your iPad to import floor plans, drag and drop elements and collaborate with your team securely.

Capture Floor Plans

Stop using paper and start importing facility floor plans, photos, and notes electronically. Access the cloud or take a photo.


Information captured in the field or at the office will synch securely to the Cloud Workspace.  Easy to share with IT managers, facilities managers, integrators and other team members from the desktop or iPad.

Intelligent Site Surveys

Capture feature requirements for each component from pre-configured templates to avoid overlooking important information.

Secure Critical System Information

Keep electronic security system plans secure and updated by eliminating spreadsheets, paper plans, and data on laptops.  Track and control user access to information and change sharing privileges as team members change.

Annotate and Label Photos

Take photos to capture where devices will be placed along with notes and labels for accurate design, placement, and install.

Simplify Record Updates

Simplify maintenance by eliminating dependence on the CAD department and vendors while enhancing security and improving accuracy of system records.

Download System Surveyor for iPad

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Easy to use, iPad-based electronic security systems design tools.

Electronic security system design tools for:
  • Corporate and government facility, IT and security managers
  • ESS system sales, technical and project management professionals
  • System integrators responsible for system design and maintenance
Supports multiple system types and sites:
  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Distinguished by color
  • Supports multiple sites
Securely administer systems:
  • Secure sensitive information and control user access
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and documents
  • Gain asset accountability
  • Never lose “as built” drawings and device records again

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System Surveyor provides electronic security systems design tool that simplifies the design, installation, and maintenance of electronic security and IT systems. System Surveyor for the iPad enables Electronic Security Systems (ESS) and IT professionals to import floor plans; drag and drop system elements; and then capture functional requirements, photos and notes for each element.