Team Members

Get on the Same Page with your Entire Team

Securely invite your team to collaborate. Including customers, sales, operations, project management, technicians, subcontractors and more.

Rather than sending PDF floor plans back and forth via email, get all your team members on the same page in real time with the collaborative security system design feature of System Surveyor. With one simple invite, you can securely add your customers, sales, operations, technicians and security device manufacturers to comment on and make changes to the security system design. In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to engage all stakeholders in the design build. Assign role descriptions and automatically alert the group when a team member has finished making edits. This collaborative design process speeds up the time to a decision-ready proposal that is accurate, highly detailed and ready for system installation! Try a free demo and see how you can streamline the site survey to design proposal process and increase sales.

Engage everyone in one place, without sending emails. Truly collaborate.

Add Team Members with a simple invitation 

Why export and print when you can invite the team to a digital floor plan and reports? Add Site Contacts, they will receive an invitation to collaborate. 

Protect edits while you’re working on the survey

Done with your part of the workflow? Release the edits for another team member and alert them using Survey Comments that it’s their time to work on it.

Use the Team Library to manage project and access

View the main Site Editor and manage site access so that the team works productively.

“Makes hand-offs from sales to ops better. Instead of ops getting the bar napkin you get more clear and more detail to [the survey]. It shortens the hand-off time and efficiencies are created.”
System Integrator User
2020 Physical Security Benchmark Study

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