Introducing InfoMask: Protect Sensitive Device Data

7 Minute Read

Our CEO has years of experience managing system integrator field and operations teams.  He’s been there, done that!  As a result, he’s passionate about making sure the right tools are available to the technicians and people that implement and securely manage systems. 

One top concern is the challenge of securely maintaining device configuration information that will be available to the right people, at the right time. Device configuration information such as username and passwords, IP Addresses , subnet mask, license keys, etc.  When a technician or enterprise technology manager needs to address an issue, they must have this critical information. But, it’s unwise to make it available to everyone and it must be protected – both internally and from external eyes or hackers.  It’s awfully tempting to make it a default password or put it in a spreadsheet.

While there are several software applications designed solely for this purpose to keep passwords and device information secure, they can leave out the greater context and visual map of where a device is located or how it’s connected to other systems.  It also causes some organizations to have software tool overload. Yet, another application to log into! That’s why a digital as-built or system of record with InfoMask is the answer.

Introducing InfoMaskTM – a feature in System Surveyor’s cloud-based design and management platform.

  • Found in device Attributes under Configuration.
  • Installer, technician, subcontractor or project manager can be provided privileges to access this information.
  • With InfoMask turned on, the user has 30 seconds (for each field with a countdown clock) before it is encrypted.
  • Serial Number/Mac Address, Password, IP Address, DNS Gateway, Subnet Mask, License Key, Software/Firmware.
  • Only those with InfoMask privileges can now see the details in the fields.
  • See the video!

For those running a recurring revenue services business or in charge of hundreds of locations, which translates to thousands of devices – this is a lifesaver.  It reduces risk and keeps you in the same application for adding and modifying where your devices and elements are located.

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