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Communicate Seamlessly with your Team

Survey Comments makes it easier to co-design and streamline progress with @user mentions.

Discover how easy it is for team members, customers, vendors and other stakeholders to make comments on the site survey with @ user mention. Do you have all the security system devices needed? Are the cameras’ areas of coverage sufficient? Is there anything missing from the security system design that the customer wants? Does the budget estimate look accurate? Using the Survey Comment feature, you can communicate with critical stakeholders to get answers quickly and arrive at a decision-ready design proposal faster. Log in and check your comments or set up automatic email alert so you never miss a comment from a team member. The ability to collaborate together in one digital system of record eliminates back and forth, improves communication, saves significant time and effort and delivers what your customers want. See how easy it is to collaborate on a security system design with a free trial.  

Faster, more efficient remote communication and collaboration

Engage with @ user mention to communicate with team members quickly and easily

@Tom Smith is this the right camera angle?  Finally, a way to ask and co-design for quick answers and clarification.

Tablet displaying collaborative commenting feature
Desktop window displaying commenting feature
Improve remote communications with your extended team

In today’s environment, more than ever we need streamlined, accurate communications. Survey Comments helps you all get on the same page to make better decisions.

You have Comments!  See how many Comments you have waiting or get an email alert

Just got out of a meeting? Set up for alerts or login to System Surveyor and never miss a Comment from your colleague.

Tablet displaying commenting feature in System Surveyor
“The ability to collaborate and communicate changes the game tremendously and we didn't have the skill set until we found System Surveyor.”
Operations Manager
Physical Security Solution Provider

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