Guest Users

Invite Extended Team Members
to Collaborate

Securely invite your customers, subcontractors and vendors – a critical part of your team.

In this video, you’ll learn how to securely add other guest users to System Surveyor, regardless of whether or not they have the platform. Your customers, security device vendors and other subcontractors can access the site survey and make comments in real time on the system design, devices, areas of coverage and budget estimates. The Guest User feature also allows the administrator to set a time limit with expiration date on access or limit access to read-only. Once a guest user has made their comments and edits, the team admin can immediately notify the rest of the group. It streamlines the entire process from site survey to design build to bill of materials with a decision-ready security system design proposal that already has stakeholder buy-in. It takes team collaboration to a whole new level. Try a free demo today!

Just because they don’t have System Surveyor, doesn’t mean you can’t include them.

Invite a Guest User while you need them most

Engage your customer or favorite subcontractor directly in the survey to eliminate emails and improve co-design and implementation. They’ll get a friendly invitation from you to join.

Ipad displaying guest user collaboration feature
Desktop window showcasing how to invite a guest user
Invite the Guest User & set expiration date

Only need help for the next 2 weeks? Set an expiration date on the site and survey access.  You’ll see logging of their activity. Don’t need full collaboration, use Send a Link for a short term read-only reviews.

When the Guest completes their work in the field, easily notify colleagues

If a subcontractor finishes with their work, send a Comment back to the Team Admin who can take back editing control or Release the Edits.

Ipad screen displaying how to edit guest user submission
“The efficiency to work with subcontractors and team is one of the best benefits we get out of System Surveyor.”
System Solution Provider
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