Secure Access to Configuration Information

All the Information in One Place for Every Device

Lost serial numbers, no MAC address? Lack of information is a time killer for system professionals. Finally, it's all in one place and better yet, use InfoMask™ to encrypt sensitive device information.

No more lost details — keep information in one place for every device in the system.

Protect device-level information using InfoMask™ 

InfoMask enables you to encrypt sensitive device configuration information such as passwords, IP addresses, Subnet Mask and more.

pinpoint devices through configuration
Pinpoint devices, MAC address, software firmware version and serial number

Securely store configuration information for access by installers, operations and those that need it to manage the system.

Configuration available for the life-cycle

Available for well beyond project install.  Operations and technicians gain information to support moves, adds and changes.

configuration notes
“I honestly don’t know how I did my job without a tool such as this. I love it!”
Brad Wilkins
Integration Engineers

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