Professionalism with Branded Reports

Make Good Enough, Look Great

Using a digital security system design platform already increases your professionalism. Go the extra step and include your logo on security system designs and reports built with System Surveyor. It's a nice addition to proposals and internal reports.

Impress everyone.

Import the company logo and make it yours

Easily import the company or organization logo into the System Surveyor system design platform. The entire team can brand reports and layouts, then export and send them to stakeholders.  Professional, distinctive and polished.

look more professional with branded reports
Look more professional from the start

You’re already one step ahead by using security system design software to create a digital living as-built system design. Now, go the extra step.

Branding your report with your company or organization logo increases confidence and trust with your stakeholders and makes you look more professional.

Export branded reports in PDF and share

Using your logo on your report makes it easily identifiable to your stakeholders and protects it from competition. Share the report with customers, stakeholders, subcontractors and other internal colleagues via the collaborative system design platform, email, or the cloud.

“New technologies such as System Surveyor set us apart from the competition. For a recent client, the tool has been immensely useful in our work with upper management to review plans and new jobs. It has helped us grow the account by 200% and more to come!”
Thomas Mason
Star Asset Security

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