Layering System Types and Project Status

Reduce Clutter with Layers

Easy for everyone on the team to control their view and track project status.

The Layering feature allows users to quickly view and share a security system design project’s status in real time. In this video, we show you how you can control viewing of the security system design aspects. For example, need to engage a subcontractor’s input in the proposed video surveillance system and nothing else? You can peel back the layers to reveal only the video surveillance system, making it easier to focus on one piece of the security system design at a time. Or maybe you need to show your customer what’s in place now vs. devices that are proposed or need to be upgraded – it’s easy to toggle back and forth with the click of a button. Select which layer or layers are to be viewed by security system type or installation status – make collaborating easy and quick.

Select what you need to see.

Leverage layering to quickly visualize project status

With one click, see what’s in place and what’s proposed. Use layering to see project status in real-time or for reporting. Share the view with stakeholders with ease. You have control.

visualize status with layering
control your view through layering
Control your view of the project

Focusing on video surveillance and not access control? Use the power of layers. Experience the benefit of designing all systems in one place with control of your views.

Compare Current Status to Plans

Get a view of the organization’s security (or other) posture with layering. Need to show a stakeholder what you have, and what you’ll need to meet standards. There’s never been a better way. 

system design layering can help you meet standards and reduce risk
“With System Surveyor, we’ve reduced system design time considerably. The more we adopt it as an industry, the better service and value we can all provide our customers.”
Spencer Rundell
SSP Security Solutions

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