Easy, Fast Photo Integration

One-Tap Photo Capture and Association for Integrated
Security Systems

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take pictures on-location with immediate association to your device. No more importing. Save hours of time back at the office.

Discover how System Surveyor’s Photo Integration feature allows you to immediately capture images of the areas where your customer wants security devices without having to scroll through photos and import them from your mobile phone. With the touch of a button, associate them with the proper element profile and take notes on security equipment budget, configuration and installation. Photo Integration provides a visual representation of the site survey, including the physical security device location and device attributes, and enables collaboration among stakeholders and team members whether they’re on site or remote. All the details you need to get to a decision-ready security system design are stored in one location, saving considerable time and effort. Once the physical security system is installed, use the Photo Integration tool again to create a secure, accessible digital record of all the devices for ongoing system maintenance and future equipment installs. Try a free demo today!

Immediate capture and association - all in one step.

Take photos and capture what’s needed

A picture is worth a thousand words. Gather photos during the site walk as your prospect or stakeholder points to what physical security solutions they want and where they need them.  You no longer need to carry your phone, paper and pen and remember which photo is assigned to which location on the floor plan. No need to take notes about which device goes where. System Surveyor has all of this covered and more in a digital platform. 

Working with team members or stakeholders that are in a different location? With photo integration, it’s as if they walked the site right along with you.  Each photo gives a visual representation of the area, which physical security device is needed and the attributes for the device. System Surveyor allows you to work with people from across town, the country, or the globe.

photo annotation with system surveyor
associate photos with devices system surveyor
No more importing

No need to take pictures on your phone and then suffer through hours of importing and trying to correctly match them to the right location, survey and device. With System Surveyor, take photos that immediately associates to the location and element icon on the survey.  Stop relying on memory.  Make your life easier with System Surveyor’s integrated security solutions. 

All photos and files are automatically synced to the Cloud (when you’re online), making them available to other project managers, contractors and colleagues involved with the project.

Capture photos post-installation for the on-demand, digital as-built

A digital as-built survey with photos is even better. Use photo integration to capture pictures after install and create a record for maintenance, stakeholders, or future installs.  

Collaborate between customers, sales, operations and installation so all parties know visually what was agreed to before and after installation. There’s no more misinterpretations or unnecessary, expensive go-backs. The ultimate before and after to close the loop on multi layered security systems.

“A picture is worth a thousand words – it’s as if I walked the site myself.”
David Fogle
NAVCO Security Technologies

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