Visualize Area of Coverage

Try Doing this on Paper

Show the area of coverage for a surveillance camera, wireless access point, projector, or sensor. Intelligently select the right device the first time.

area of coverage on a site plan

Installing the wrong camera or device is frustrating and expensive for everyone involved.

Show area of coverage for devices

Drag and drop devices on a floor plan and show area of coverage with intuitive interface. Use Camera Advisor™ to identify exactly the camera to meet resolution needs at any distance. It’s for more than cameras – specify any device with a coverage range.

area of coverage for a multilens camera
settings to display area of coverage system surveyor
Automate device specification and selection

Leveraging the scale and area of coverage, get intelligent device recommendations to select solutions in real-time. No more guesstimating or calculating back at the office.

Show by color and by transparency

Visually share area of coverage for wifi devices, projectors, sensors and cameras.  Show different views while keeping it simple to use and easy to understand.

“With System Surveyor we have reduced system design time considerably. The more we adopt it as an industry, the better service and value we can all provide our customers.”
Spencer Rundell
SSP Security Solutions

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