Streamline the Bill of Materials

Imagine Creating a BOM in One Step

Drag-and-drop systems on the floor plan and automatically generate a bill of materials.

Accurate proposals in a fraction of the time.

Drag-and-drop to build an intelligent bill of materials

Build the BOM during the site walk digitally by capturing data in real-time. Gather all the details. No second step back at the office.

drag and drop to create a bill of materials
export bill of materials
A one-click exportable or reportable

Go from system design to immediate totals by element and run a PDF report or export into XLS for proposals or integration with other systems.

Better information, better workflows

Not just simple counts but all the details needed for a comprehensive bill of materials to procure and implement quickly and accurately.

get all the details with a bill of materials
“First product that I’ve been excited for in 10 years to use on the job! Previously I was worried about not getting my proposals done on time, now it’s taking me 1/4 of the time.”
Account Manager
System Integrator

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