Easy, Fast Photo Integration

One-Tap Photo Capture and Association

Take pictures in the moment related to the survey and device. Save hours of time back at the office.

Immediate capture and association - all in one step.

Take photos and capture what’s needed

Gather photos during the site walk as your prospect or stakeholder points to what they want and where they need it. A picture is worth a thousand words.

photo annotation with system surveyor
associate photos with devices system surveyor
No more importing

Take a photo that immediately integrates to the location and element icon on the survey. Stop relying on memory.

Capture photos post-installation 

A digital as-built with photos is even better. Use photo integration to capture the picture after install and create a record. The ultimate before and after to close the loop.

“A picture is worth a thousand words – it’s as if I walked the site myself.”
David Fogle
NAVCO Security Technologies

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