What our SUPER FANS say about System Surveyor!

Our goal is to create an indispensable tool that simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of systems.

“I haven’t picked up a notepad to do site walks in over a year.”

Gary HoffnerPSLA Security
“With System Surveyor we have reduced system design time considerably. The more we adopt it as an industry, the better service and value we can all provide our customers.”
Spencer RundellSSP Security Solutions

“I love your program. So much easier to use than autoCAD.”

Everett Heintz, JrRossi Group
“What we really like about System Surveyor is the mobility and the easy-to-use, drag and drop interface with all of the icons we need for security and other devices.” Read the case study here.
Ryan Doyle, IT Manager for UNLV Police ServicesUniversity of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV)
“First product that I’ve been excited for in 10 years to use on the job! Previously I was worried about not getting my proposals done on time, now it’s taking me 1/4 of the time.”
Account ManagerSystem Integrator
“I’m still learning all of the things I can do with System Surveyor! My customers light up when they see the surveys and I use them in every proposal now. It ensures that both the customer and I understand exactly what is being conveyed and that we’re on the same page.”
Dave BryanAccount Executive, System Integrator
“The ability to create and instantly review a proposed system layout with the customer while we walk the site has been a big competitive differentiator for me. My clients tell me they are impressed with this capability, and our credibility over competitors goes way up.”
Michael BlakleyACT Security
“New technologies such as System Surveyor set us apart from the competition. For a recent client, the tool has been immensely useful in our work with upper management to review plans and new jobs. It has helped us grow the account by 200% and more to come!”

Thomas MasonStar Asset Security
“I honestly do not know how I did my job without a tool such as this. I love it!”
Brad WilkinsIntegration Engineers
“I was exposed to this recently by our integrator. I am amazed at the increase in productivity while maintaining a high grade “as built” drawing that is easy to edit. The ability to insert photos is a nice touch. No reason to have a shoddy markup with this awesome tool!”
Wade HortonGlobal Security
“A picture is worth a thousand words – it’s as if I walked the site myself.”
David FogleStar Asset Security

“System Surveyor allows me to show customers exactly what they will get with our surveillance solution. Customers love the fact that they know exactly what they’re paying for helping us close business faster. System Surveyor is helping us raise the bar!”

Will Kinghorn IIIMathias Lock & Key, Security Integrator

“The tool is working for us and has cleaned up a number of outstanding procedural problems for us. I have printed some of the design diagrams, taken them to meetings, and blown away the other facilities folks!”

Security Facilities ManagerGovernment Institution
“System Surveyor greatly helps the handoff between sales and operations by creating a ‘record of design intent’ so that we can create an accurate scope of work before drafting formal drawings.  It saves a lot of time and increases accuracy for proposals which in turn speeds up sale.”
Glen PowellNAVCO
Before System Surveyor, we would have a rushed site walk and would get back to the office with paper notes and pictures and realize that we had forgotten a lot of information. Now we can send a salesperson into the field to capture everything we need the first time and send it back to the engineer right from the field so they can start working on it. It cuts down on 50% of the workload on the backside and improves it 30-40% while you're in the field- Cleve Cary, Senior Director Physical Security, EWT at LOTH
I can now have salespeople or junior engineers go out and do a site survey and sync it back to engineers to build the quotes. They can gather details and requirements using a predefined set of questions and associate pictures to elements for every aspect of a design including surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, access control and more. Then I can extract the information security via the cloud back at my office or in the field on another job site. A picture is worth a thousand words – it’s as if I walked the site myself.- David Fogle, Security Project Manager, Star Asset Security
If you want to bring in a camera into a floor plan, you just put your finger on it, drag and drop it, and it’s there. You can also quickly identify what access control is on each door. In a campus with 85 buildings, I now have an asset management inventory and the ability to pull detailed reports.- Ed Pfieffer, Saint Louis University

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