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How to export and share reports?

This video will give guidance on how to export or print and download PDF and Excel documents from System Surveyor.

In this short video, learn how to generate and share reports from the cloud-based System Surveyor app for site surveys and physical security system design. Combine multiple site surveys into one report and select an export option. PDF export options include a summary, a layout, totals by element, elements and containers, cable paths and critical dates collected from the maintenance tab. On the site survey level, you can also generate a high-resolution floor plan which includes a legend or key on the PDF export. Easily share a photo tour of the pictures associated with the site survey and a detailed Elements report. Send a read-only electronic link of the design with customers and import a device attributes sheet to Excel. Add your company logo to brand the report.

If you don’t want to send a hard copy, you can also try sending a link

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