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Search and access element profiles with your favorite brands. Specify the right product and accessories every time.

With Element Profiles, you can drag-and-drop icons and select the right security devices and accessories in a couple of clicks, ensuring that you have everything you need for the security system design. By using Element Profiles, you can pre-configure the most common physical security products that you sell or buy for more streamlined filtering and selection. For example, you’ve selected a specific video surveillance camera in the system design. The appropriate mounts, brackets, lenses and cabling for that video camera are all included in the Element Profiles. No more guessing what you need or forgetting an accessory and going back to the office to order one. Create your own or import pre-configured security product profiles from your favorite security equipment manufacturers. Using Element Profiles allows System Integrators to dramatically streamline the process of getting to a decision-ready proposal with a procurement-ready Bill of Materials (BOM) – in a matter of seconds.

Specify Easier, Move Faster.

Create Element Profiles

Simple, wizard-drive guide to set up your favorite products to specify and duplicate for fast, efficient site walks. All details pre-populate intelligently without duplicating efforts. Up to 500 searchable elements profiles per system type.

And, with our Accessories feature, the extra components needed to make the device work are included in the Element Profile. For example, specific mounts, brackets, and lenses that are needed for a particular camera are automatically associated with that camera or device. Streamline your security system design process, save time and deliver an accurate Bill of Materials every time.

Share Element Profiles

Easily export element profiles and provide to other teams or partners for simple import and immediate use. Everyone specifies the right products consistently.

Configure attributes for each Element Profile according to your specifications. For example, modifying the price and installation hours for an Element Profile will help provide a better estimated budget range for the site design.

Your Favorite Manufacturer Brand & Related Accessories

With over 100,000 products specified every month into projects, it’s not hard to imagine that your favorite manufacturer wants to join in. System Surveyor is an open platform, meaning any manufacturer can make their product catalog available to all of our users for easy drag-and-drop system design. Manufacturers can also add associated accessories to their element profiles, so all of the guesswork is removed. No more mounts sitting and collecting dust in the closet. Now the right component will be paired with the right device. Every time.

Ask your manufacturer to add their products to our catalog.

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“Overall, the information sharing is the best benefit of System Surveyor. The transparency and ability to collaborate around one digital system design is better for everyone involved, including the customer. The more informed customer is a great customer. In the long run, they know they can trust Securitronics to do outstanding work.”
Terry Rivet

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