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How to collaborate with my Team using Comments?

Comments gives you and your team the ability to communicate directly in System Surveyor platform without having to search through emails and other channels.

Users can easily mention (@user) team members to alert them of specific project requirements.

  • For example, during project implementation a project manager can easily add a comment notifying the installation team of a new customer requirement and the installation team can comment back or take action. This can be especially helpful with teams that work remotely from each other.

To make a survey comment:

  1. Navigate to the Survey Overview screen
  2. Click “Comments” in the top right hand corner
  3. Type your desired text
  4. Use the @ key to mention any team member or Guest User within the current site to send a notification
  5. Click enter or the comment submission button to post the comment

Comment Controls


  • To comment back in the same thread as a posted comment click the ‘Reply’ button
  • Replies in a thread will be displayed with the newest comment at the bottom

Editing Comments

  • Comments can be edited by the original user who posted the comment and it will show as (Edited)

Deleting Comments

  • Comments can be deleted by the original user who posted the comment


The Open/Closed/All filter can be used to filter out comments that are no longer relevant.

  • The default view for all comments with be comments that are “Open”
  • To close a comment that is no longer needed click the “Close” button
  • Comments can be closed by any user
  • To change comment filter click drop down in the top left hand corner of the comment box

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