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How do I edit Site Permissions?

In order to change the individual Site’s permissions, the Team Admin can navigate to that Site’s Dashboard.

Once there you can click on the Pencil Icon under Team Permissions.

Watch a video on Site Permissions

From there, you’ll be greeted by a Permissions Menu.

1. Team Permissions: This allows you to set one of three following options for the entire Team’s access: Read Only, Edit, and No Access.

2. Admins and Site Creators: By default, Admins and the Site Creator will have full Edit access to the Site, so you will not have to add an Exception.

3. Individual Exceptions: When adding an individual exception to the above Team Permissions, you can choose from the following three options: Read Only, Edit, and No Access.

4. Add Exception: This is where you’ll add any Exceptions mentioned above.


Watch this short video for more.