Budget Estimator

Trusted Advisors Help their Clients Budget

Create a real-time budget for a project during the site survey process. Use your own cost and labor data.

Set a budget range and consult with stakeholders - making you a trusted advisor.

Automate budget estimates for better planning

Build a budget estimate as you design the system and make smart tradeoffs.

intelligent budget estimator system surveyor
Set device prices and labor costs

Customize costs and share with the team so budget estimates are consistent.

Create a budget estimate report with proposed system design

Streamline procurement and sales by providing an accurate budget early at the first point in the process.

“System Surveyor allows me to show customers exactly what the will get with our surveillance solution. Customers love the fact that they know exactly what they’re paying for helping us close the business faster. System Surveyor is helping us raise the bar.”
Will Kinghorn, III
Matthias Lock & Key, Security Integrator

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