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The Collaborative System Design Platform

Unlike any other design tool, System Surveyor helps you visually engage customers, drag-and-drop devices on a digital floor plan, and co-design with them. The result: You look more professional while delivering a decision-ready design. Simple, yet revolutionary.

Why Professionals Love System Surveyor

Create a system design in one site walk and share it with others instantly.

We empower people to collaborate, engage, and efficiently design, install, and manage systems.
The full life-cycle. The only platform built for IoT, physical security, building automation, facilities and more.
No need to build icons. They’re ready and they’re smart.

Easy Drag & Drop Design

Mobile ready for a site walk in the field or a virtual site walk with a customer. Show device placements and area of coverage. Work offline and sync later through the cloud.

system surveyor is mobile for site walks

Perfect for Remote Collaboration

Engage everyone in the project in one place. Share projects and designs with your team, subcontractors, engineers and customers.

“There’s never been a tool like this in the industry. Companies that don’t utilize it are operating in the dark ages. We’re all in a highly technical field, so having System Surveyor shows that we’re playing on a whole different level of technological savvy and professionalism.”
Alex Wasson
Director of Security & Healthcare Technologies

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Benefits for Everyone in the Ecosystem

System Surveyor: A true win-win

system integrators

System Integrators

Drive sales and better customer engagement. Solve the age-old problem of inaccurate proposals. Achieve profitable customer relationships

Technology Directors

Gain a handle on IoT and building automation assets in one place for budgeting and life-cycle management. Communicate with stakeholders. Do more with less.


Pull in everyone you need for the project without emails and spreadsheets. Get everyone on the same page. Tap into expert knowledge.

Proven ROI for System Integrators

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Increase in Time & Efficiency Saving in Site Survey & Design Process
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Increase in Sales Win Conversion
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Improvement in Gross Profit Margins

Separate Yourself from the Competition

Work with your customers like never before.

System Surveyor saves Matrix-NDI 40 hours per client and allows the team to deliver precise proposals faster. Read how standardizing on System Surveyor increased sales and customer satisfaction.

“System Surveyor separates us from the competition for sure. I know the technology, and the customer knows their facilities and property, so it’s a true collaboration. We design a security system that we can all take pride in. They become part of the family.”​
Thomas Herr
Vice President of Business Development for Matrix-NDI

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System Surveyor empowers people to collaborate, engage, and efficiently design, install, and manage systems. The full life-cycle.